Accreditation of advanced education establishments and projects is an outside method for guaranteeing superior education quality. The point is to ensure greatness in instructing and training, enhance universal likeness and make straightforwardness.

Why is accreditation essential?

  • Certify courses are a characteristic of value that businesses comprehend and esteem.


  • Licensed courses allow you to turn up an individual from that expert body as a graduate.


  • Authorize courses to give you the chance to wind up noticeably professionally qualified in specific fields.


Accreditation is a mark of quality. London Technology College has been accredited by The DETC. The DETC is a recognized independent accrediting body in the UK and USA.  

London Technology College is registered and recognised by the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
London Technology College is an international standard organisation in education.It has multiple Accreditation from American Accreditation Board.
LTC Degrees and Certifications are Globally Recognised and Accepted by National and International universities for Higher Education and appreciated by multinational companies for employment purpose, also agreed in govt departments like the ministry of foreign affairs (U.A.E), British Council and other International Embassies.