About Us

From its pleased history spreading over twenty Years, London Technology College has developed as one
of a modest bunch of the most profoundly respected Academic Institution. LTC is one of a kind among
these schools in being an Academic school that likewise offers graduate and particular projects working
the world over.
The College is focused on instructing understudies, in the conventional method for the British Education,
which epitomizes a strategy for talk and in addition a gathering of controls; in our logically and
numerically arranged majors, similarly as in the humanities, the sociologies, expressions of the human
experience, and the dialects, we underscore reflection, discourse, and escalated connections, amongst
understudies and employees. Our particular dynamic combination, amazing offices, and the decent
variety of our co-curricular exercises and bolster benefits all exist principally to fill these educational
We anticipate that our graduates will be attentive and moral pioneers ready to address the difficulties of
educated citizenship both in their groups and as world nationals. They ought to be free scholars,
resolved to benefit, with the mettle to take after their feelings and to acknowledge obligation regarding
their activities. They ought to be gifted in the utilisation of dialect, and in the examination of
confirmation, in whatever setting it might introduce itself. They ought to be physically dynamic,
rationally taught, and inspired to keep learning. Most vital, they ought to be both grounded in a
comprehension of the Western scholarly convention that has formed this College, and taught to fathom
and acknowledge societies, thoughts, social orders, traditions, and qualities that might be less instantly
natural to them.